What people are saying about Daniel 

"Daniel Matto sings in a style that is reminiscent of the fine singers and swingers of an era when talent was the criteria for judging an artists' ability …he sings the songs as they should be sung and the result is magical…." - John Gilbert/California Coast Jazz

"Matto's middle register glows with warmth and resonance, much like that of ol' blue eyes himself." -  The Chronicle Herald

"This superb new disc deserves to bring him wider recognition" - Kerry Doole/New Canadian Music

"Groovin' with The DMQ truly is a great album for summer listening." Martin Hickey/The Halifax Musicphile

"Groovin' with The DMQ, a satisfying selection of smooth standards and swingin' singles." Stephen Clare/Arts East

"Very smooth...Daniel's relaxed style and fine voice is perfect for a crooner, which I'm sure he will be very successful at." -  Toronto Jazz

"Vocalist Daniel Matto sings from a time and place that no longer exists, but should." -  Exclaim


I’m Old Fashioned is a testament to both Matto’s growth as a vocalist and arranger and his potential to become of the country’s finest crooners.” -  Stephen Clare/Arts East

“Matto left the hearts of the guests melting and begging for more.” - SNAP Halifax

"Australia to Halifax transplant Daniel Matto has a lovely, direct way of addressing a song to the listener" - The Chronicle Herald

"Matto has a genuine songwriting talent." - Tandem

“Matto’s impeccable delivery takes you inside the song and makes you believe every word. This guy can sing!” - Billy Donnelly – Singer/Songwriter – Come Undone Records


“With his hybrid accent, good looks and with more than a dash of Sinatra and Buble bubbling over the stage, the women in the room hung off of his every note.” - The Chronicle Herald 

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